Here at Project Ink, we think that design can change everything. We value our clients over profit and quality over quantity. From the smallest companies to the largest, design can impact your business exponentially.  Before we start any project we encourage clients to fill out our questionnaire. A few questions answered will help us understand what path our clients want to take.

 We strive to bring new innovations to all of our clients from beginning to end. We are a small group of packaging designers, industrial designers, graphic designers, thinkers, web designers, writers, and innovators in which dedication means everything. We do what we do because we believe we can make an impact on people, businesses, and communities. 

We're intentionally a small group with a broad range of experience. We engage in a wider range of task that covers all areas: Branding, 3D & Rendering, Broadcast & Print Advertising, Direct Response, Promotions, Marketing, Public Relations, Internet Media, Social Media, Brand Identity, Web, Print, and Photography just to name a few. 


We currently represent clients in the following industries:

  • Clothing Brands
  • Real Estate
  • Food & Beverage
  • Nightlife & Clubs
  • Hotels
  • Music & Entertainment