What we do.

We help businesses form a strategy to grow their brand and ideas using great design.


Digital Design

We focus on simple, functional campaigns, products, and services. In order for business to flourish in this day and age you must have an impact in the digital world and Project Ink Media does just that.



We pride ourselves in creating the highest quality print possible. Project Ink Media delivers the best in quality products with fast turnarounds for your business to operate faster and lag free.

Branding & Identity 

User Experience Design 

Marketing & communication 

Editorial services

Layout Creation & Presentation

Web Design 

Screen Printing 

Large Format 


Art production

Industrial design

Fashion Design

Package Design


Copywriting & copyediting 

Social Media strategy 

Social Media campaigns 

Social Media Analytics 

Live Production

Photography & Video

Video Editing

Photo Retouching

3D & Motion graphics



Our Process.

We're a small team with big ideas but each project is different and so are we. Our 6 step process ensures perfection.



The most important steps of our process is to listen and understand our clients needs before attacking a concept. We ask, listen, and evaluate every client we work with.


After a strong foundation has been built we start sketching, and throwing ideas around. We create concepts that reflects your brand and identity. 


All of the discovery and experimentation is put to use as we create and develop work based on our discovery. This final stage of creation is the most import. We meticulously analyze the project to ensure simplicity and effectiveness.



The discovery process allows us to understand the client, and language of the industry or product. This research and development phase is what builds the foundation and how strategy and concept is formed.


We believe in a collaborative approach when creating any work. An open dialogue with each other and our clients, sharing our ideas and concepts with you gets us on the right track.


There are two points of examination. One is to examine the work and it’s overall success from a creative standpoint. The other is to examine the effectiveness of the work and make adjustments accordingly.